"With her power-house voice, electrifying performances, and catchy-as-hell songs, this sensational artist will captivate anyone who listens." ”

From Beyoncé to Zakk Wylde, Mandy Brooke's influences span the musical genres. Her passionate performances prove she has learned from the best, leading her to create an original brand of Pop/Soul ear candy that will wear out your REPLAY button. 

Judging by Mandy Brooke's upcoming 1st single, "Hammer" (releasing in February 2019), she will soon become a force to be reckoned with. Her EP, (also under the same title) is simply a bonafide SMASH... and yes, the pun was intended. Apart from the EP's prolific songwriting, and seasoned musicianship, the production is beyond impressive. Produced by up-and-coming Nashville producer, Kris Bradley, and mixed by award-winning engineer, Daniel Ford. 

In other words, get your Spotify ready, iPhone charged, and brush up on those dance moves, because the HAMMER is about to DROP.

Ready for it?